Hidalgo ISD teacher embraces science experiments and hands-on learning!

     Hidalgo ISD’s Park Elementary School science teacher, Paul Slasor, understands the importance of creating engaging lesson plans and hands-on learning activities for his students.
     One way to attract the students’ attention during science class is by incorporating experiments that help the students be engaged and in tune with the lesson.
     “We did an experiment on how heat transfers from one form of matter to another form of matter usually through conductors and insulators,” explained Slasor.
     Slasor ‘s primary responsibility is to provide students with instruction and guidance to help them explore and understand important concepts in science that perhaps correlate in real life situations.
     “I always plan for my students to succeed!” exclaimed Slasor.
     During the experiment the students were engaged and were very observant and inquisitive. They were also encouraged to work together as a team by sharing different responsibilities and tasks, while interacting with one another.
     “I liked that we took turns doing different things and talking to each other about the heat experiment, “said fifth-grader Scarlet Castillo. “My favorite part was eating the marshmallows and dipping them in the chocolate.”
Science experiments are a great way of learning not just about science, but also about collaboration, experimentation, and teamwork. In return, they also gain self-confidence and leadership skills.
     Experimental learning opportunities exist in the process of learning by doing. Hands-on experiences give students a better understanding of the course material.
     This experiment was designed to teach concepts that are more understanding to students by having them experience for themselves.
     “I really like doing experiments more than just reading from our books,” said fifth-grader Able Quintero. “It was also very fun working together with my friends.”
     Hidalgo Park Elementary educators like Slasor seek ways to inspire and motivate students. Not only are students learning their curriculum, but it’s also ensured they are exposed to hands on experiences with the help of engaging science experiments.
     “When I see my classroom not only excited but also energized in the lesson, it inspires me to do more and this motivates the students to stir their curiosity,” added Slasor. “As my first year as an educator at Hidalgo ISD, I am enthusiastic to see all students not only support each other but also encourage one another to accomplish tasks.”